Our Process

How We Respond to Your Call...

We don't like surprises anymore than our customers do.  So communication, honesty and integrity play a major role in our business and our history.  We are not a marketing company and do not offer free gifts or a high pressure sales program. Andy does the estimates - not a commissioned salesperson that has never seen a hammer and only cares about making a sale. 

Call our office at 734-994-6500. You will be speaking with either Kathy or Cabrina.  They will ask you a few questions to help them understand your needs and to make sure we have good contact information. Kathy can answer any questions about our finance programs. She will go over the details and discuss your financial preferences. Afterwards, she will set up a time for Andy to visit your home.

When Andy arrives, he will address your needs and specific concerns. Andy will ask a lot of questions that are related to the house and it's history.  Andy will need to look in your attic to check on potential mold issues, roof deck condition, roof ventilation and insulation. Once Andy has completed an extremely thorough inspection, he will review a job site form with you that identifies all the issues, solutions, your specific requests and potential problems.  This information will be passed on to our job superintendent and crew chiefs to have on the job site during your project period. After all of this information is completed, Andy will  give you a rough estimated on your project. If you feel that our company is a trusted supplier for your family's needs, Andy will prepare a formal written estimate that details specific products to be used, the warranty system to be applied, and the exact cost. This "proposal" will be submitted to you in writing. If you chose our company, we will give you an installation "window", require a deposit and sign our agreement.

The next phase is "Keith".
Keith has been with Neighborhood Roofing for more decades than he will admit. Keith has Factory Installation Certifications on all of the roof systems that we offer. Keith is the "worry-wort" that has the experience and time to see and take care of the details and things that none of us saw. Keith will, also, be on your job site the day it starts and continually visit through the day to check progress, answer questions, supervise specific details or construction issues. 

When the job is finished, Keith will visit the project to make sure the details on the roof, in your yard, in your attic, and in your mind are completed.  Keith will be ready, willing and able to review anything that you feel needs to be completed or changed. Keith will turn in a completion slip and Kathy will invoice you for the balance of your project. This invoice is due the day Keith submits this information. You will receive your invoice via email.

As with all of our projects, if there is something you find at a later date or a question, our 37 year reputation speaks for itself......We will be right out to address our customer's needs!