Roof Repairs



It is important for roof repairs to be done quickly and to the best standards. At Neighborhood Roofing, we have a specialized team of roofers who can quickly identify and address most problems. The most common problems we've come across in our 37 years of business are detailed below.

1. Roof Leaks

Roof leaks and moisture creeping down into the attic and the rest of the house are the most common problems which call for immediate roof repairs. The causes of these problems can be many and different. The main ones include decaying roof materials, holes in the roof structure, improperly installed flashing and overflowing gutters. 

2. Lack of Maintenance

Lack of maintenance is one of the major roof problems that can actually result in considerable damage to the building. Most types of roofing systems require annual maintenance in order to stay in good condition. If it is not done, the natural wear and tear will take its toll more quickly. 

3. Faulty Construction or Design

Design and installation problems can occur many months after the roofing system has been put in place. Common issues include system weakness, inadequate water drainage, expansion and contraction of the material which cause the damage, improper securing of the material to the underlying structure which can be dangerous. The roof repairs necessary due to design and installation issues are extremely important to make if you want the roof to be functioning efficiently.

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If you home is in need of roofing repairs, contact Neighborhood Roofing about inspecting your roof before further damage occurs.