Our employees are our most important asset. Installing shingles on a house may appear to be as simple as laying them in rows and putting nails through them, but all of our employees have received advanced training in our education center. This training is part of Neighborhood Roofing's ongoing commitment to insure that all of our workers trained to:

  • Identify improper ventilation
  • Understand how to properly ventilate an attic, including installing insulation baffles and blocking under the eave edge of the roof
  • Address cracked and rotted rafters and decks
  • Have the ability to design and install a new "saddle" to properly divert water, snow and ice from a chimney
  • Properly install ice shield under the shingles.
  • Understand the construction of shingles and the importance of proper nail patterns 
  • How to calculate and install the correct exhaust and intake attic ventilation system.
April 7 2015 training and testing



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