Roofing Warranties

Almost anything you, as a consumer purchase, has some form of a warranty.  Almost all of the asphalt shingle products manufactured, use the word "LIMITED" warranty. Limited means  ........ keep reading to find the limitations of that warranty.  Many, if not all, shingle warranties now use the wording: "LIFETIME". A court decision in the 1980's determined that "LIFETIME" in regards to building products means "50 years".   Shingle warranties reading "limited LIFETIME warranty typically cover the purchaser against manufacturing defects for 10-15 years (it will state which period in the individual warranty) at a rate of 100% with the balance of the warranty (35-40 years) being pro-rated.  The warranty also states that replacement labor is covered ONLY for the initial period of 10-15 years.  This is often referred to as a "Start up period".   The warranty also limits the coverage to "if installed according to manufacturer's instructions"  All shingle manufacturers have a basic set of guidelines that require specific nail patterns, required underlayments and a well ventilated attic space.  

It's not hard to find pages and pages of Class Action Lawsuits listed on the Internet against shingle manufacturers where shingles that were  manufactured between 1990 - 2002 were judged to be defective by the courts. Most of the manufacturer's blamed poor attic ventilation as the main cause for failure.  It is said that high temperatures in an unvented attic result in excessive temperatures applied to the backside of the shingle.  Since all asphalt/fiberglass/poly shingles use asphalt as the main "body" for the product, the additional "stress" placed on the asphalt from heating the back side of it results in a higher level of "out-gas" of the asphalt.  As asphalt ages, it looses the oils that keep it flexible and help hold the colored granules on it. The colored granules give the shingle it's "color", but more importantly, they help protect the asphalt from direct exposure to sunlight (UV).  

By reading these limited LIFETIME warranties, one can read into them that the shingles will only last 15 years. 

Neighborhood Roofing IS CERTIFIED by GAF Corp as a Master Commercial Contractor.  We offer G.A.F. 'S "SYSTEM PLUS WARRANTY to offer you 50 years of protection from defects in material. SYSTEM PLUS is non-prorated.   

Neighborhood Roofing has also uses TAMKO shingles for over 30 years,  TAMKO is  Joplin, Missouri based specialty roofing manufacturer offering roofing shingles designed for professional roofing contractors.  TAMKO offers shingles that have the same weight and design that has been proven to last.  Neighborhood Roofing offers TAMKO WOODGATE SHINGLES as an additional product line.  WOODGATE roofing shingles have a 30 year enhanced non-prorated warranty when installed by Neighborhood Roofing.   Neighborhood Roofing is the only contractor in Michigan to offer TAMKO''s complete product line including:  MASTER CRAFT starter shingles, TAM-SHIELD synthetic underlayment, HIP & RIDGE CAP, and COOL-VENT ridge vent.  Other contractors cut corners - and costs!- by not using genuine TAMKO accessories. For TAMKO's enhanced warranty to be valid, Neighborhood Roofing will propose changes in your roof system that other "roofers" will ignore.   Ventilation of the attic is a huge issue in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Improperly ventilated attic spaces will result in mold, rotted roof decks, and moisture/dripping attic from heavy condensation. 

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