Solar Exhaust Fan      

A whole new kind of roof

VentSure Solar Attic Exhaust Fan – Combining the Benefits of Ventilation and Solar Power

Proper attic ventilation, a balanced system of both intake and exhaust, is critical to the performance of a roofing system. The VentSure® Solar Attic Exhaust Fan is designed to work as an integral part of a VentSure® Balanced Air Ventilation System by using solar power to actively exhaust air from your attic. In the summer, the heat and humidity can lead to mold, mildew, premature deterioration and higher energy bills. In the winter, the warm air in the attic can cause snow to melt and refreeze at the eaves where it can prevent water from reaching the gutter – a problem known as ice damming, which can potentially cause water back-up and leaks. The VentSure® Solar Attic Exhaust Fan helps keep your house properly ventilated using solar power, making your home comfortable while helping to protect your roof.

Features and Benefits:

  • Active solar-powered ventilation that increases the amount of air exchanged when compared to passive ventilation, given adequate intake

  • Advanced technology and intelligent design that features an electronic thermostat and humidistat that automatically operates the fan as needed

  • A three-position solar panel swivel design that allows the panel to be precisely positioned for maximum exposure to light

  • An ultra-quiet fan that delivers high performance with minimal noise

  • An optional Remote Attic Monitor that allows you to view fan operation and attic conditions without ever entering the attic

  • An optional energy-efficient electric backup for continued operation when adequate sunlight is not available

  • 20-Year Warranty* on solar panel and housing; 5-Year Warranty* on motor

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