Winter Danger & Damage

Winter is the most dangerous time of the year for a roof in Michigan.  The Winter of 2013-2014 produced an all time record snowfall of over 80".  With record snowfall as well as temperatures that seldom climbed over 20 degrees, most roofs were covered with over 12"+ of snow.  This depth of snow covered even the best designed attic ventilation systems rendering them inoperable.  The Winter of 2014-2015 started out as a "typical" Michigan winter.  The fluctuating temperatures and snowfall during January has caused ice dams to occur in many homes. As of mid-February, the temperatures have plunged to well below zero (F) and the ice dams that formed in January are fixed on roofs.  This makes any additional snow build up extremely important to be removed.   

Neighborhood Roofing has 3 teams experienced in the correct removal of snow, opening plugged roof vents, and identifying ice problems and how to address them.  Your 1st step is to call our office at:  734-994-6500.  Kathy will schedule Keith to , quickly, visit your home or business to give you an on the spot analysis of the problems and a cost to remove snow and begin the process of minimizing ice.


Keith can dispatch a crew to remove the snow.   Don't wait until you have ice built up on the edge of your roof.  We will NOT chop this off your roofing. Chopping ice will permanently damage your shingles and potential cause serious damage to the roof deck.  

Ice Dams

 As temperatures built up in attics, snow begins to melt, then re-freeze on overhangs.  This ice builds up creating ice dams.  Ice dams hold water on the roof and prevent it from running off the roof.  As these ice dams continued to build, the "melt down" water will run back under the shingles, often coming through older roofs.  The result is wet attic insulation and drywall/plaster damage along the eave edges of roofs.  While new roofs are required to have an "Ice and Water Shield" installed under the edge of the shingles, an attic ventilation system that is plugged with snow will still result in ice dams.  Neighborhood Roofing provides a snow removal service that includes removal of snow from vents and the addition of Magnesium and Calcium Chloride to encourage ice to melt. If you cannot see your roof mounted exhaust vents, please call us for snow removal or an examination of your attic's ventilation needs.

Neighborhood Roofing has 3 teams of experienced snow removal specialist that understand your roof and the correct way to remove snow and ice without damaging your roof.  Your 1st step is to call our office at 734-994-6500.  We will send our superintendent to your home or business to identify the potential problems, give you an on the spot price to remove the snow and dispatch a team to address the problem.