How can I tell if I need a new roof?

Your roof is the main line of protection for your home.  A standard installation of roof shingles are designed to last approximately 18 years.  The "wear" of an asphalt roof shingle is the degradation of the asphalt's elasticity. Asphalt is a petroleum product and will begin to lose it's elasticity as soon as it's exposed to the atmosphere.  Over a period of time (15-20 years) the volatile compounds that keep it pliable and bond it to the adjacent shingles will "leave" the asphalt causing it to become less pliable.  As this occurs, the granules fall off, the asphalt begins to chip and crack, shingles blow off the roof as the wind breaks them away from the mastic seal.

As shingles evolved through the early part of this century (2000) shingle manufacturers switched the fabrication of asphalt shingles from wood pulp interior mats to woven fiberglass and polyester mats.  Both of these mats are coated with asphalt, then several layers of colored granules are placed and pressed into the top coat.  This shingle, when installed using standard techniques and basic underlayments, has the same life expectancy (15-20 years), but will show a different wear pattern.

Older Fiberglass mat shingles will begin to show the interior mat (white strands).  The shingle itself will become brittle and actually crumble as the asphalt loses elasticity.

Asphalt/fiberglass shingles are manufactured regionally.  In the Ann Arbor market, shingles come from Port Clinton, Ohio (CertainTeed), Michigan City, Indiana (G.A.F), Frederick, MD, (TAMKO), and Cleveland, OH (Owens Corning). G.A.F. is the largest manufacturer offering manufacturing facilities scattered across the US.  The G.A.F plant in Michigan City produces a product that is designed specifically for our climate. 

Neighborhood Roofing has written authorization from G.A.F. to provide a 50 year non-prorated limited warranty ( System PLUS) that addresses material defects that affect the performance of the shingles installed on residential properties.  This warranty covers labor to remove and reinstall the shingles and the shingle material.  Neighborhood Roofing is also authorized to offer an additional 25 year total labor and workmanship warranty (Golden Pledge)  that is underwritten by G.A.F. covering all of our workmanship. These enhanced warranties require the use of specific G.A.F. products and installation techniques that extends the life expectancy of your roof by decades. 

Roofing contractors without this G.A.F. written license and authorization can only offer 10 year factory labor and material warranties.